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basic visualisations

Basic Visualisations

Basic visualisations have been the cornerstone of the modern data visualisations since 1700-century. You can still visualise well with bars, columns, lines, areas and pies. They make the numeric data relations easy to understand.

DEx data visualisation tool offers you a full set of basic visualisation types. They are fast to create and test, modify and use both in printed and web media. With our customer specific styles and colour palettes, numbers can be visualised fast and with ease. And updated even more quickly with our automated hosting.

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advanced visualisations

Advanced Visualisations

Sometimes the basic visualisations are not just good enough. You may have a very complex data, lots of details or a long table full of numbers and texts. How do you picture that in a simple and revealing way?

The obvious solution is an advanced data visualisation. There you may build hierarchy and thus reveal the data in entities that make sense to you and your customer. This all used to be available only to a team of SW engineers and data visualisation experts. With DEx data visualisation tool that is no longer the case. You as well can create the advanced data visualisations without any help.

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image visualisations

Image Visualisations

Make your images alive. You can add more information, pictures, videos or links on top of a bitmap or vector images. Or on top of a combination of vectors and bitmaps, whatever suits your need.

Tell a story with automated popup window display. You can adjust the window sizes and locations. Or you may tune the opening effects and decide the sequence order. Engage the user to discover the journey on their own. Or you may use ‘show and tell’. Let the user enjoy the story as it folds the way you have designed.

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1, 2, 3 and 4 - that's how easy it is


Add Data

Open a CSV file. Fetch data from an external database. Copy and paste from a spreadsheet program. Or simply edit by hand.



Build hierarchy. Add hotspots. Or link vector hotspot areas with table data. Add title texts, data source and your initials, if you like.



Select visualisation type from a list. Try out different ways to picture. Adjust options and test for different device screen sizes.



Use Dexmen hosting for simple, fast and convenient embedding to your pages. Generate a PDF or an SVG file for printing

Easy to Use

Create data visualisations with our step-by-step process. Thus you are done in no time at all.


Create data visualisations with your predefined styles, colours, lists and output sizes. Only a few clicks. That's all it takes.

Scalable Graphics

Our visualisations scale from smallest screens to the largest. And always render perfectly.

Styles and Colours

You can have your styles and colours easily available. Therefore fast to use for consistent results.

Print and Web

Visualisations can be used both in printed and web media. Directly, without any further editing.


Tell a story. Reveal images, videos or details. All with the timing and effects of your choice.

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