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hotspots and popups

Hotspots and popups

Technical enablers and limitations often define in a great deal what you can accomplish with tools in your hands. However, those are not the only things – you might be more restricted with your mind and imagination on what to do, rather than what can be done technically. That is the case with DEx as well. Advantages DEx comes with some big advantages when creating interactive visualisations. These areRead more



‘You can not expect people to use interactive visualisations, it is too much to ask.’ Have you heard this? When you think of it, it seems impossible that a few clicks with your finger are simply too much to expect but what do you know – perhaps it is. Assumptions People do keep their eyes open, though. And assuming that this does not change overnight, we have implemented aRead more

Image Visualisation

Image visualisations by DEx are simply a treasure box. They offer practically unlimited opportunities to create engaging, playful yet insightful visualisations from any topic – or any images to be precise. See below more information how that is done. Any graphics First, you’ll take an image. The picture used may of a vector or bitmap format. Or a combination of the two, displaying the best of the both, naturalRead more

advanced data visualisations

Advanced Visualisations

Advanced data visualisations offer you means to picture more complex data with clarity and in playful, user engaging way. You may formulate the story you wish to tell by adjusting the data hierarchy to your liking. It is all DIY; there is no need for SW engineers or visualisation expertise – the only expert needed is you. Problem Data can be complex – be that election results, budget, orRead more

basic visualisation

Basic Visualisations

Basic visualisation is still the most used data visualisation types. And it is easy to see why as they convey so clearly the difference of between numbers with the simple means of size and position. Below you can read more about the benefits of creating basic visualisations with DEx. Graph offering Basic visualisations currently included in the tool are column, bar, pie, donut, election, line, area charts and aRead more

dex for real estates

DEx for Real Estate sales

Have you been browsing flat advertisements or floor plans for your future home? And ended up being mixed with countless photographs, building materials, renovation details and overshooting descriptions. And with that floor plan with no idea how anything is linked with anything. Well, no need no more. Data in correct context DEx offers perfect way to link all building details, room by room, space by space to a floorRead more

dex for advertisements

DEx for Ads

You can use DEx to create both engaging yet at the same time informative advertisements. With the playful content the viewers spend more time on the pages and thus remember the message better. With all the image visualisation capabilities built to DEx your imagination is the only limiting factor. Engaging and playful Life can be boring – and no offense intended – most ads certainly are. Thousands of adsRead more

dex for media

DEx for Media

Data visualisation done with DEx has great benefits. Not only can you create engaging and insightful visualisations from often so abstract numbers, but you can do that also fast and with ease, with a consistent style and colouring. You can also cover the whole field of data visualisation from very basic to advanced and even making your images alive. Additionally, there is a need for any other set-up asRead more

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