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Privacy statement

Dexmen is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. This document describes how we manage and store the DEx tool user data and customer information.

The DEx tool and Dexmen Oy website use cookies. In DEx tool, cookies are required for signing in and using the service. On our website, we use cookies for anonymous visitor analytics. By using the website or the DEx tool, you accept this cookie policy.

Registry details and contact information

The responsibility for your personal data belongs to the Dexmen client organization which manages your information as part of delivering the service. You can contact us and request contact details regarding the management of your personal data.

Personal data processing

As part of delivering, maintaining and developing the DEx tool, we process your personal data. The contact information for processing your personal data is:

Dexmen Oy, VAT ID 2611176-1
Visiokatu 3

Contact person: Harri Räisänen,  +358 400406461

Purpose of managing personal data

Dexmen Oy uses your personal data to enable your use of the DEx tool and to send you non-marketing and marketing email and information concerning your use of DEx services.

Personal data

When a DEx user account is created, we store your username, encrypted password and email address.

When using the DEx tool, you generate additional data based on your input. We collect the information you provide and use that information to deliver the service. Additionally, we may collect behavioural data such as the timing, frequency and pattern of service use.

Data source(s)

All your personal data in our user database is initially created based on the information delivered or provided by your organisation.

Additional information (see “Personal data” above) is collected based on your use of the service.

Disclosing personal data

We may disclose your personal information to any of our employees or subcontractors if delivering or developing the service requires this. Employees and subcontractors are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

We may disclose your personal information if required by law, in connection with legal proceedings, to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights, including fraud prevention and reducing credit risk.

Except as described above, we do not provide your information to third parties.

Transfer and storage of personal data outside EU or ETA

Personal data is not stored “at rest” outside EU or ETA. By default, the DEx tool is hosted in Europe region.

When provisioning and providing the service, data may be transferred through non-EU countries in encrypted format.

Protecting your data

Protecting your data is an extreme priority for us. The databases containing user data are protected by firewalls, passwords, public key infrastructure and encrypted connections. Databases are hosted at reputable hosting facilities. Access to the data is granted only to named personnel.

Your right to view and correct your personal data

You have the legal right to view your personal data stored in the DEx tool. You can also request that erroneous data be corrected. Both the request to view and correct need to be supplied in writing to the organisation and person responsible for managing your personal data. You can request the contact details by getting in touch with Dexmen Oy.

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