Here you can find the tool tutorials. Start with the general introduction right below.
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The Essentials

This tab contains tutorials that are the first to view. The tutorials here explain the tool views, how to create basic, advanced and image visualisations.

DEx Views

Introduction to the tool views, view areas, functions, and the overall workflow. Start with this and you are a whole lot wiser on how to use the tool.

Basic Visualisations

Wish to know how to create a basic visualisation? Then check this tutorial out as it is a very basic tutorial on creating a very basic data visualisation.

Advanced Visualisations

Sometimes basic just isn’t enough, right? Then go with the advanced data visualisations. This tutorial will guide you how that is done.

Image Visualisations

Images alive! Yes, now you can make your images interactive, engaging, or perhaps telling the story themselves.

In Depth

This tab contains tutorials that guide you deeper in a specific topic. These topics are, for example: colours, vector hotspots, web output options.


How to adjust colours in DEx – fast, and with ease. This tutorial will guide you in that direction.

External Databases

Wish to access external databases, such as Swedish Statistics or Finnish Tax Office? Well, lucky you, now you can, and this tutorial will guide you on how.

Graph Settings

Graph settings are mostly predefined in your style – that means, that you don’t have to do much tweaking on the road. But in case you must browse through this guidance and you’ll know how to do it.

Hierarchy Building

Building, whether that is a dog house or a garage, can be time-consuming. But building a data structure is easy, with DEx – please have a look how that’s done.

Popup Windows

Creating popup windows for an image, basic and advanced visualisations is explained in this tutorial. You will also learn how to create static popups.

Vector Hotspots

Vector hotspots give you massive options to alter your images to ‘almost’ anything you like. Check this tutorial what that ‘almost’ may mean.

WEB Output Options

Web output has plenty of options – with this tutorial you’ll know how to use them better.

SW Releases

Here you can find SW release tutorials. They are used to explain the new features implemented or changes applied to the existing functionality.

SW Rel 3.60 - Storytelling

SW rel 3.60 has a new feature called storytelling. With that, you can make stories to reveal them to the user without any clicks. How great is that?


Nothing here yet, sorry. But once we get to it, there will be a set of showcase tutorials, a how-to data visualisation examples for you to enjoy.

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